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Our apologies but due to low enrollment numbers, this program has been cancelled for 2019!  We hope that you will return in 2020 as we will run this program again!



Registration is only open for two weeks and we only have room for 20 players!  All families are encouraged to contact Jodi Dean prior to registering to discuss your players needs!


There are no boundaries too high to stop a child with a passion and love for the game of lacrosse.

Mission statement
The Goal of the HLA Ability Bengals Lacrosse is to bring the game of lacrosse to our community by making an inclusive, safe and inviting place for all players to love, learn, and grow Canada’s national summer sport.

Lacrosse being our national summer sport, we have found a way to make it inclusive to all children wanting to learn and love the game.

For us, there is a personal side. We have a little girl, 11 years old (daughter to Jodi Dean, cousin to Mark Davidson) that has sat on the sidelines watching her sibling play and really wanting to participate. Her big brother taught her the basics but the basics are not as fun without the friendships you make being part of a team. Madisen is not alone; there are many children out there loving the game from afar and never having the opportunity to join in.

We have had many inquiries for children with special needs to join and to this point we have not had a place to allow them to join safely until now.

With the support of the HLA and the volunteers already lined up we believe we can make this league flourish and show everyone that lacrosse is all about the passion of the game and that there are no boundaries too high.

Our Goals for our first season

Running the week of July 15th to August 19th, 2019

-No boundaries lacrosse will consist of skills and a small scrimmage once a week. 1.5hrs.

-3 on 3 scrimmage.

-It will be no contact.

-The heavier softer paperweight balls will be used instead of Indian rubber.

-There will be wooden goalies used rather than players.

-Each player will have an unique or specialized need that will be catered to as needed.

-Volunteers/coaches will be at a ratio of 1:2 so that all players needs are met and all skills are taught and learned to the best of each independent ability.


With the many sponsors we have found for this program, we are able to keep the costs low.  $50 per player includes a jersey to be kept at the end of the season. 


For more information contact Jodi Dean


Interested in becoming a sponsor of Ability Bengals?

Contact Jodi Dean

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