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House League Goalie Rebate Program

Is your child interested in playing goalie for the 2019 house league season?

To help foster and grow the next generation of lacrosse goalies, HLA will be offing a 50% rebate on registration costs for kids who play in net for 80% of house league games.

This rebate will be issued at the end of the season and identified players participation will be tracked via 2019 game sheets.

All goalie equipment is supplied to participating players by the league at no charge! Players just need to bring their helmet, hockey pants, gloves& jock.

For more information and to register for this program, please reach out to Jodi Dean at

Welcome to the 2019 Lacrosse Season!

Thank you for registering for our 2019 season!  Our House League Program runs mid-April until the second weekend in July.  See below for more important information for this season.

Check out the Box Lacrosse Equipment Guidelines to make sure your player is suited up appropriately for the season.

Continue on by clicking on your players age division to find their team, schedules, and coaches.

To assist you or your player with any concerns or questions, Hamilton Lacrosse has many layers of contact.  During game times you can expect to see the Division Convenor and an Executive member or two. In addition, the House League Director Jodi Dean is also available for your assistance 

Thank you to all our volunteers!  Without you Hamilton Lacrosse would not be successful.  As with most minor sports organizations, the Hamilton Lacrosse Association is run with the help and support of it's members. If you have a few extra hours a week, or even a few extra hours during the season, we would appreciate your assistance. Together we help kids of all ages make new friends, develop new and better lacrosse skills, and obtain a higher level of personal fitness. Here are some of the positions that need to be filled each season: House League Convenors, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Trainers, Managers, Parent Reps, Bingo Runners, Picture Day Coordinator/Support. We also need volunteers to help during our Houseleague Tournament or our Super Series Tournament weekend.

It is an OLA requirement that ALL bench personnel have a (PVSC) Police Vulnerable Sector Check, yes this means house league and rep. This is to be completed in the jurisdiction in which you reside. For more information please visit the Hamilton Police Service website at  Vulnerable Sector Check. The Police Service where you submit your request for PVSC may ask you to provide a HLA PVSC Police Screening Letter.

Please look for us or see our Contact Page to reach us via email with any suggestions.

Box house league information

When does the HLA house league season begin?

The season begins at the end of April once Bengal tryouts are comlete. Warm-up skill sessions for "new" players start mid-April, followed with warm-up skill sessions for "returning" players immediately after. Teams are sorted and house league season games start the beginning of May.


What days of the week will my division be playing?

If we do not see dramatic changes in player registration numbers, we will be trying to run on the same days as last season, with arena availability being the determining factor:

Jr Paperweight/Soft Lacrosse (2015, 2016), TUES 6PM, 
Sr Paperweight (2013, 2014), TUES 6 or 7PM, 
Tyke (2011, 2012), MON / WED 6PM,
Novice (2009, 2010), MON / WED 7PM, 
Peewee (2007, 2008),
MON / WED 6, 7, 8PM, 
Bantam (2005, 2006), MON / WED 8PM, 
Midget (2003, 2004) (& 2002), MON / WED 9PM 

Midget house league cancelled April 2, 2019. There will be 2 Rep teams.

When does the HLA house league season end?
The house league season finishes with the Tournament of Champions over the week of July 8 through 13th, 2019. This is a play-off tournament format, and the only time the House League division will play weekend games is on Saturday, July 13th. Please be sure to book your summer vacation time accordingly so your player can participate.

What venue will the HLA house league be run out of?
For 2019, we are scheduled to return to Chedoke Twin Pad Arena. Keep in mind until the City of Hamilton takes the ice out of Chedoke Arena we will be moving around some venues. This means the season may start at venues such as Rosedale, Inch Park or Lawfield but by mid-May all house league will run out of Chedoke.  Please see our arena locations by clicking here.
Can I request my player to be on the same team as another player?
Please be aware this is an extremely difficult request to grant. Our Association is growing fast, and we have a large number of players in our Houseleague divisions, we can not possibly grant this to all players. This is one of the great things that team sports provides, the growth and development of Life Skills; making new friends, socialization and learning to overcome in diverse environments. All our Houseleague by division are scheduled for the same time period at the same arena so players are able to share rides or watch the games of their friends. This is one of the reasons why our Houseleauge program is run out of a twin pad arena, the games on both floors are staggered by 1/2 hr intervals. This means that at any one time there are four teams from the same age division playing within a 1/2 hr of each other.
What equipment does my player need for house league lacrosse?
If your player is already playing hockey, much of their current equipment is transferrable. This being helmet with face mask, mouth guard and jock for all ages. During the early years of your players' lacrosse start, they can wear hockey gloves, but will soon find a need for lacrosse gloves that are designed to be more flexible to allow for better stick and ball control in the actions of "craddling, passing and shooting". As lacrosse is played with the unique contact of "cross checking", you will need to ensure your player is equiped properly in the area of direct contact (elbow to shoulder). This is accomplished by wearing lacrosse specific "arm guards" and either a lacrosse specific shoulder pad, or an attached "bicep pad" to a hockey shoulder pad. Both the lacrosse "arm guards and either shoulder pad, or bicep pad" are made with a strong, hard outer shell that is designed to absord the cross check impact more so than the softer hockey equipment counterpart. The last piece of lacrosse specific equipment you will want to ensure your player wears is a "kidney pad", which is worn over the shoulder with straps. This provides added protection down the spine of the back and wrapping around the kidney area to ensure they are well protected. Of course there is NO checking on the back and this infraction is stringently enforced by our game officials (referees). 
Where can I purchase lacrosse equipment?
Many of our local Hamilton sporting stores carry lacrosse equipment. Second Chance Sports on Upper Gage sometimes has new or used equipment available. Other retailers include National Sports, Canadian Tire as well as the ILA Sports Store located on the Six Nations Reserve 3201 Second Line, Hagersville. ILA Sports has the largest selection of Lacrosse equipment in Ontario, and you save the tax by shopping there!